CLP Luyuan 200 pure electric buses will pick up and send off employees for free for Shenzhen enterprises returning to work

time: 2022-12-08

"We have allocated 200 pure electric buses in the best condition to provide personalized commuter bus service for enterprises in the city free of charge, reduce the risk of cross infection when employees take public transportation, and passengers in need can also get a mask free of charge." On February 23, Wang Rongqing, general manager of Shenzhen CLP Luyuan Pure Electric Operation Company (hereinafter referred to as "CLP Luyuan"), said.
CLP Luyuan, which is responsible for providing free buses, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shenzhen Kelu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. and one of the important sectors of Kelu Electronics' strategic layout in the new energy vehicle industry. At present, the layout of Zhanjiang, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Changsha, Jinzhong, Dongguan and other cities with Shenzhen as the center has been completed. More than 600 new energy pure electric buses, 50 pure electric buses, and nearly 3000 new energy logistics vehicles have been put into operation, forming an industrial pattern that integrates new energy vehicles, charging piles, charging stations, new energy technology R&D personnel, and vehicle operators.
Wang Rongqing said that the current national epidemic prevention and control has made positive progress. In the process of returning to work and production, the cross infection of employees' commuting traffic is the weak link of epidemic prevention. CLP Luyuan has given full play to its own advantages. Among the existing pure electric buses of the operating company, the first batch of 200 buses with the best conditions have been allocated. In the way of "enterprise charter+online customized lines", in combination with the government's epidemic prevention requirements, CLP Luyuan provides free personalized commuter bus services for enterprises above the designated size in Shenzhen, reducing the risk of cross infection of enterprise employees by public transportation, and building a safety wall for enterprises returning to work.
"Each vehicle is equipped with experienced and professional service drivers, and pre job safety and epidemic prevention training is well conducted. All vehicles are equipped with temperature monitors, and each trip is required to be disinfected and ventilated. Drivers take their posts to measure temperature, and passengers get on the vehicle to measure temperature." Wang Rongqing explained that vehicles also provide passengers with a safe distance, control the load rate below 50%, and allow passengers to take separate seats. Each passenger needs to scan the code for registration to improve the epidemic tracing efficiency.
"The free bus service will last from February to the end of the epidemic." Wang Rongqing said.
According to the public information, CLP Green Source was founded in 2015 with a registered capital of 100 million yuan. It is committed to developing the new energy pure electric transport industry, providing enterprises with an overall solution from procurement to operation, and assisting enterprises in low-cost and efficient promotion of the use and development of new energy vehicles.
CEC Lvyuan also uses the concept of "Internet plus+green travel" to create an intelligent vehicle integrated operation management platform. The modern technology platform is used for intensive, shared and digital management of vehicles in various business sectors, intelligent vehicle dispatching management, standardization of safety management, normalization of vehicle maintenance, Internet based operation, and platform big data. Through innovation in technology, product, mode, management and service, passengers, drivers, vehicle demand, cargo transportation, charging, payment, maintenance Monitoring and management are organically integrated in the Internet platform to build an operation platform based on platform management and mobile applications.
Source: China Power News