2008-2020 Wangrong Electronics will live up to the time, not forget the original intention, 12 years of hardships and 12 years of hard work

time: 2020-09-01

Today, Wangrong Electronics is 12 years old. People often say that "12 years is a cycle", but this cycle is actually a "return and watch" for us - starting from the original intention, stick to the dream, become a high-end precision electronic component enterprise in China, and contribute to all fields of China's industry!

On September 1, 2008, Wangrong Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. was established

Founder team of Wangrong Electronics


In 2010, Huangshan Wangrong Electronics Co., Ltd. was established

In 2011, it won the "Excellent Award" of Midea's annual supplier

Huangshan Wangrong Electronic Industrial Park Laying Foundation

In 2012, Midea won the "Excellence Award" for its annual supplier

Wangrong Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is listed in Qianhai

Huangshan Wangrong Electronic Industrial Park Laying Foundation


Wangrong Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. won the title of high-tech enterprise

In 2015, Huangshan Wangrong New Office Building was opened

The company has won 22 national patents

Anhui Famous Brand

Yixian Civilization Unit

Huangshan Top 100 Taxpayers


2018 Huangshan Wangrong Smart Factory Project Launched

The company has passed ISO9001 certification

The company has passed ISO9001 certification


In 2019, the academician workstation of Huangshan Wangrong Electronics Co., Ltd. was unveiled

In 2020, Wangrong Group contributed 350000 yuan for epidemic prevention

Huangshan Wangrong Medical Technology Co., Ltd. was established

Won the annual "Outstanding Contribution Award" of Panasonic

After 12 years of dream building, we paid taxes in good faith, actively invested in public welfare undertakings, helped the elderly, left behind children, disabled people, and students in need, and contributed to the love of our prosperous people through on-site condolences, donations and other ways, so that they can feel the warmth of the world.

The 12 years of trials and hardships have passed, and the 12 years of journey remain in the bottom of my heart. Wangrong Group needs the continuous efforts and dedication of all Wangrong people to build a century old brand enterprise with high-quality services, so that Wangrong Group can move towards the world and the future! I believe that the future of Wangrong will be more brilliant. We are sailing together through thick and thin. Happy 12th birthday to Wangrong Electronics. In the next 12 years, we are ready to set sail again!

Wangrong has a rich management theory system, which is inclusive of all rivers. It has created a professional development team, production and manufacturing team and overseas sales elite team. Under the new environment, Wangrong Electronics will continue to carry forward the spirit of indomitable struggle, daring to be the first, living up to its youth and moving forward bravely.