Wangrong Electronics won the annual "Outstanding Contribution Award" of Panasonic

time: 2020-08-09

On August 7, Mr. Zhang Zhengyao, the quality director of Wangrong Group, and Mr. Ma Qiang, the sales director, paid a regular visit to Shanghai Panasonic Microwave Oven Co., Ltd., and were warmly received by Mr. Nakata, the director of Panasonic's dispatch department, Mr. He Ming, the director of the development section of the procurement department, and

 Mr. Shen Lihong.


At the meeting, Minister Nakata fully affirmed the work of Wangrong Electronics in 2019 and, on behalf of Panasonic Group, presented the PANASONIC 2019 "Outstanding Contribution Award" to Wangrong Electronics. In the past year, Wangrong Electronics provided customized cooperation for some special needs of Panasonic microwave ovens, providing stable, high-quality and high-performance services for Panasonic microwave ovens. In the new year, Wangrong Electronics will continue to explore new breakthroughs with Panasonic global procurement.


Wangrong Electronics has been cooperating with Panasonic Group for more than 20 years. With every strategic adjustment and organizational change of the customer enterprises, Wangrong Electronics is constantly introducing and learning advanced production technology and management concepts, and continuously improving service level and customer satisfaction, no matter from the penetration of parts, semi-finished products and co processing projects, or based on the in-depth cooperation of its own brand.


Wangrong Electronics has a "customer-centric" professional technical service team, which empowers the customer's brand value and has won the praise of many customers. Next, Wangrong Group will continue to serve customers, continue to promote fully automated production, help customers optimize their enterprises, and make unremitting efforts for the strategic transformation of partners!